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Facility Owner

Count on Interstates for New or Retrofit Construction

As a facility owner, you are looking for the best team possible to build or upgrade your facility. Interstates understands that a project’s success begins well before you first break ground on your project.

When the last contractor leaves your site, what you really care about is that your plant operates as expected. You need an electrical contractor that you can count on to design, plan and install your electrical system for maximum operating efficiency and future ease of maintenance.

Interstates team members consider maintenance needs in any project from new construction to a retrofit or remodel. We're always interested in the best options in terms of long term maintenance because it just makes sense. You could purchase the greatest equipment on the market for your facility, but if it's impossible for your staff to maintain, you gain nothing.

Project Planning

You will find that thorough project planning offers its greatest leverage in the earliest planning stages. Our goal is to have a seat at your "planning table"—adding valuable insight to the entire construction process at this high-leverage time. With our partner divisions throughout Interstates, we welcome the chance to offer assistance with project layouts, pre-engineering, control philosophies, and cost estimating.


We also understand that you need specialty contractors who are passionate about safety. Calling ourselves passionate would be an understatement.

Safety is engrained in our culture. Just take a look at our record and see for yourself.

Agile Construction Methods

Finally, our LEAN/Agile construction methods provide the greatest productivity possible. This includes offering the smallest on-site footprint as possible with the use of supply chain management skills that leverage offsite material staging and Just In Time (JIT) material delivery.

We maximize value provided to our clients by eliminating non value added activities.