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Engineering Services

Even without engineering services, you already have an idea in mind about how you want your facility to operate and you know your process and your company better than anyone else ever could.

Interstates understands electrical design.

So, add our engineering services and electrical design expertise to your process and facility expertise and together we will design your facility to do everything what you want…and more.

Interstates has completed project feasibility studies for many facility owners to help them determine if projects would be cost effective.

We have worked directly with facilty owners, with company engineers, or with other disciplines like mechanical engineers.

When Interstates's engineering services are engaged early in the design and planning phases of a project, we are able to share our expertise from the industry as well as help you understand early on what a project will cost and suggest tweaks that will either control initial costs or improve life cycle costs.

Whatever You Are Looking For...

If you are looking for help with energy services...

If you think process improvement studies could identify areas for improvement...

If you think electrical equipment studies or control systems architecture might need a second look...

If you think pre-planning or value engineering services might improve your facility...

Look to Interstates.

What Interstates Will Do For You

Interstates provides a wide variety of engineering services.

Interstates will review your plans for expansion or building so you can make the most of your investment.

We will provide a review of your existing process or control system looking for ways to save energy and increase efficiency.

We will review your existing equipment looking for areas to improve processing.

As the saying goes...there is always room for improvement.