Our Approach

Integrated Project Delivery

Better Together

While you can certainly use our services in any combination - we believe your best value is with Integrated Project Delivery. Interstates provides in-house, single source electrical engineering, electrical construction, instrumentation, and control systems services.

We combine the strengths of all our teams with our processing industry expertise to develop the best solutions for your project needs.

Interstates helps you manage risk and eliminate costly gaps or oversights by focusing on all project activities—from planning through completion. We will assist with preliminary budgeting, develop cost effective designs - all to set the stage for your quick and efficient startup.

Benefits of Integrated Project Delivery

Some benefits of Interstates’ project delivery method include:

Rapid Project Delivery

Our project delivery method allows you flexibility to move from the project visionary stage to production much more quickly. The ability to move quickly translates into a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Innovative Solutions

With pricing in-hand, the design and construction personnel work together to explore value engineering and alternative methods to optimize your project budget.

By understanding your challenges, we are able to help you solve problems, not just build a plant.

We overcome the traditional barriers to innovation often found in the “plan and spec” world by bringing all our services together in a collaborative environment.

Single Source Responsibility

Single source responsibility means that you have one point of contact for complete electrical services.

Using Interstates’ services reduces the hassles of multiple service providers. Working together, our companies provide you with more value than when you purchase services from separate vendors.

Early, Dependable Pricing

Our collaborative environment and structure produces dependable pricing for you sooner, allowing you to seize new opportunities with a greater sense of clarity.

When using our services packaged together, the gaps are covered. There's no question who is responsible for what. You can rest assured you have made the right choice.