Attention to Detail

With careful preplanning, we are able to impact job quality, consistency, organization, and productivity.

This attention to detail helps minimize risk. Preplanning services include both Plan Development and Coordination.

Plan Development

Our preplanning team’s level of detail goes beyond the typical standards of an engineering drawing.

Fine tuning the information that is being given to the field minimizes risk to the client and the company.

Products, assemblies, and methods are standardized. Consistent use throughout a project helps drive quality and create a better finished product for the client. 

Designing for prefabrication leads to more work done offsite. This leads to a higher level of safety, increased productivity, and fewer on-site manhours.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is built early into the project to determine the job tasks that make up the scope of work.

WBS is coordinated with the schedule to drive short interval planning and track job progress.


A commitment to collaborating with the other trades means less rework is needed during the design phase and life of the project.

A schedule is developed early and in conjunction with the client’s schedule. This helps drive the project.

Short Interval Scheduling is used daily to keep productive work in front of the crews, help drive coordination with other trades, and minimize rework.