Plan for Efficiency

With a goal to cut days out of your shutdown schedule, improve safety and reduce the number of craftsmen on the job site, we have found several ways to maximize our prefabrication installation capabilities.


We strive to remain agile and deliver the best product at the right time for our customers.

We can control the component’s arrival time using “just in time” delivery methods. Having the product there at just the right time means that you can focus on other project demands.

Flexibility also means that we are available to serve clients in whatever capacity we are needed.

We can send a crew with the prefabricated component to do the entire install, or we can help assist with an install later in the process.

Our level of involvement is determined by our clients’ needs and desires.


Our trained staff has extensive industrial experience and can professionally handle any situation that presents itself.


Our crew members are experts in the electrical industry. We have the right tools for the installation, and we know how to use them.