Manufacturing Intelligence

Convergence Between IT and OT

Manufacturing IT for your Industry

In a typical business environment, the intelligent information architecture and network infrastructure is built with security as the first concern—followed by safety and then uptime.

When your plant is running in a networked environment, those priorities change.

In terms of manufacturing intelligence, uptime is the foremost concern—followed by safety and trailed by security.

In short, a Manufacturing Information Technology (MIT) system requires different considerations and a different focus. The network may need to be isolated from outside influences (i.e. the internet).

Understanding Your Unique Needs

Operating system updates may need to be more controlled in order to avoid bringing down applications.

You need professionals that understand the issues of manufacturing intelligence and how to design IT systems to meet your specialized needs.

Services Provided

Interstates Manufacturing Information Technology provides the expertise you need for a variety of services:

  • Technical and network architecture review or design
  • Domain controller management
  • Antivirus management
  • Standardization and change management
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Technical training
  • Software and hardware updates and support