Information & Technology

Warehouse Management


I-Track is a scalable, industry tested, state-of-the-art manufacturers’ production and warehouse management system designed to provide total plant floor visibility to include packaging materials, raw materials, work in progress, and finished products.


Some of the key challenges that I-Track can help address include:

  • Lot Traceability
    Lot traceability and record-keeping compliance (Feed Safety and Modernization Act of 2011-FSMA) by tracking multiple lots and items on a single pallet.
  • Product Disposition
    Product disposition and rotation by enforcing First-In-First-Out (FIFO).

  • Managing Limited Warehouse Space
    Managing limited warehouse space, including flour storage, through directed put-away which also supports cross-docking.

  • Order Validation
    Getting the right product to the customer by providing real-time order validation
  • Product Quality Status Notification
    Real-Time quality updates allow for suspected quality problems to be placed on hold to prevent the use or raw materials in production or finished goods from being shipped to customers.
  • Updating Business Systems
    Lag time in updating business systems with plant floor information by providing documented transaction interfaces to a variety of ERP systems, such as Navision, SAP, etc.

Benefits of I-Track

I-Track provides the benefits of real-time access to inventory, receiving, quality, and shipping information.

Real-time data collection provides plant personnel and management an up-to-the minute view of inventory levels, product locations, and order status.

When integrated with plant controls such as I-Control, I-Track can provide door-to-door tracking of your products.

The end result is increased profitability through total plant floor visibility.