Hazard Monitoring

Ensure Safety with Regular Hazard Monitoring

Regular hazard monitoring of equipment such as grain legs, pellet mill bearings and hammermill bearings, using instruments such as vibration sensors, is the best way to detect bearing failures, belt misalignments, and belt slipping due to plugs. In fact NFPA 61 mandates monitoring for such hazardous situations.

Turn to Interstates as a single-source solution for evaluation, design, installation and integration of a hazard monitoring system with existing plant controls.

Searching for a Hazard Monitoring System

If you are looking to install new or replace an existing hazard monitoring system, the Interstates team is here to help.

We will analyze your hazard monitoring needs, select the best vibration and other sensors for your process and choose the hazard monitoring system that will best fit your needs.

Our team provides expert installation and training services to help implement your system.

Already Have a Hazard Monitoring System in Place?

Most grain handling facilities have hazard monitoring systems in place. But, are you certain that your vibration sensors and other hazard monitoring equipment is working properly?

Interstates technicians can conduct an analysis of your site’s existing hazard monitoring system to verify that your sensing devices are working properly.

If all is well with your hazard monitoring equipment, you can have peace of mind. If deficiencies are found, you will have the information you need to make things right.

Interstates provides the I-PATROL Hazard Monitoring System.