Energy & Utility Studies

Increase Production & Quality; Reduce Costs

Interstates offers high value energy efficiency and utility consulting services. We assist facilities seeking to reduce production costs by optiminzing utility usage and eliminating waste.

Energy & Utility Audits

Steam, air, water, and electricity costs impact your bottom line. Identifying methods to reduce these energy costs increases profitability, improves sustainability of your process, and minimizes environmental impact. Interstates technicians will assist you with identifying, quantifying, and removing inefficiency in your utility systems.

Improving Profitability; ROI

Efficiency and optimization studies set the stage for you to improve profitability. Expenditures for additional instrumentation, associated control system changes, software, and consulting services can be significant. However, when an ROI study validates the measurable payback, the decision whether or not to proceed becomes clearer.

Meeting Your Energy Control Objectives

Interstates will help you meet your energy usage improvement objectives. Your situation might include lighting and control system upgrades, variable frequency drive implementation, high efficiency motor upgrades, power factor correction, accelerated depreciation of production equipment, sales tax exemptions for production electricity, among others.