Field Technical Services

Wherever You Need Us To Be

The Interstates team of electrical technicians provides technical instrumentation expertise and experience at our client’s facility or jobsite.

Our Field Technical Services include:

  • Configuration & Calibration
  • Instrumentation Installation
  • Start-up Services

Configuration & Calibration

Many instruments need to be configured at the job site for the installed application.

Interstates Instrumentation electrical technicians bench commission each instrument in order to verify its operation and configuration.

Interstates Instrumentation also offers calibration services. Although many instruments come factory-calibrated, in applications where a high degree of accuracy is needed a recalibration may be necessary once the instrument has been installed.

Interstates Instrumentation is able to provide ongoing calibration services to our customers through our Electrical Maintenance and Support Services.

Instrumentation Installation

Installation services play a key role in the performance of an instrument.

Incorrectly installed instruments can have accuracy problems impacting process control and may have serious electrical maintenance issues resulting in premature failure.

Our trained and experienced electrical maintenance technicians follow detailed installation standards that ensure installed performance and maintainability of non in-line devices.

Our electrical technicians also coordinate with mechanical contractors to oversee the correct installation of in-line instrumentation.

Startup Services

Interstates Instrumentation offers comprehensive start-up services including pre-startup checkout, loop checkout, commissioning, and startup.

Our electrical technicians play a key role in a client’s successful startup project.

During the pre-startup checkout, Interstates Instrumentation personnel verify instrumentation installations and confirm that control wiring is complete.

Technicians complete all loop checks to ensure that instruments are wired correctly and are communicating with control systems and/or local controllers.

During commissioning, electrical technicians work with plant personnel and the control system vendor to verify correct operation of the instrumentation in preparation for the plant operation.

Our technicians are skilled at troubleshooting any issues uncovered during the loop-checkout and commissioning phases of startup.

At startup, our personnel coordinates with plant management, plant operators, plant maintenance, and the control system vendors to quickly address any issues that surface during the first periods of production.