Electrical Engineering

Value Engineering

Value Engineering focuses on the function of a product or service to improve the value without sacrificing quality or reliability.

At Interstates, Value Engineering involves:

  • Providing alternative solutions at a lower cost while maintaining quality, reliability, and functionality
  • Determining that higher initial costs will save overall life cycle costs

Interstates Value Engineering services can help develop cost-effective solutions and uncover inefficiencies in your project plan.


  1. Your project is over budget or behind schedule
  2. You want to uncover hidden redundancy and inefficiency built into your project
  3. Your project is not meeting expectations
  4. You are having problems uniting the project team around a common goal
  5. You just know there is a better way


Value Engineering assembles a cross section of multi-disciplined professionals, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the assignment.

Value Engineering relies on team-building principles; focuses on effective communicating, careful listening and understanding; the generation of creative solutions, and efficient decision making.

Interstates Value Engineering leaders:

  • Lead focused, multi-disciplined workshops to generate creative solutions
  • Assemble in-house Value Engineering teams to analyze high risk project concerns
    • Schedule changes or delays
    • Cost overruns
    • Alternative designs
  • Conduct Value Engineering studies after a project is complete to ensure lessons learned are transferred to the next project