Electrical Engineering

Pre-Project Planning

Rework is not something you should expect with every project. And just because your space is tight does not mean that equipment cannot be installed.

Interstates can help you succeed with collaborative pre-planning services and 3D coordination for your project.


Rework delays cost you time and money. Shutdown affects your company’s productivity. Interstates can help you succeed with our Collaborative Planning, pre-planning services.

  • Coordinate Efforts
    When 3D design is used, it is easier to interact with other disciplines to select the most constructible electrical design. The electrical contractor can do the work more quickly while maintaining budget.
  • Create Raceway Assemblies
    Use our knowledge of NEC and constructible electrical design to create raceway assemblies that can be installed as a unit, versus installed piece by piece. With Collaborative Planning, our design team will have your process running earlier.

3D Coordination

  • 3D System Layout
    Interstates uses 3D technology to complete a virtual layout of conduit and cable tray for coordination with structural, mechanical, and piping systems.

    This creates an organized layout of each system for ease of service and maintenance that makes it possible for you to visualize the finished project.

  • 3D CAD Layout
    Interstates will insert light fixtures in CAD models to coordinate with piping and mechanical systems.

    This helps uncover potential schedule delays and interferences early in the project to eliminate rework onsite.

  • 3D Electrical Equipment Layout
    We use 3D CAD to plan the layout of electrical equipment.

    This allows the electrical contractor to work with other trades in order to select the best location for each piece of equipment.

    This allows you to visualize and have comfort in approving the equipment layout before installation begins.