Electrical Engineering

Electrical System Design

Power Systems Engineering

Interstates Engineering has built its reputation by providing constructible power systems engineering and design for industrial processing facilities.

To serve owners and construction partners well, Interstates Engineers organize and analyze project data and coordinate the needs of the project team so that all partners can be productive and client goals can be realized.

Our Process

Interstates Engineering takes the following steps to help our clients meet their power systems engineering goals:

  • Align Needs & Goals
    Align owner’s needs with those of the contractor, fire marshal, electrical inspector, insurance provider, and utility.
  • Organize Engineering Information
    Managing multiple site plan revisions, equipment lists, vendor information, general arrangement drawings, process flow diagrams, and schedules.
  • Design Drawing Sets
    • Inspector Package
    • Field Constructability Package
    • Field Productivity Package
    • Safety & Energy Package
  • Ensure Input & Reviews
  • Release Construction Drawings

Delivering Solutions

Interstates Engineering team members deliver technical solutions. Each engineer has been trained both in-house and in the field so that you can count on practical, constructible systems engineering and design.