Electrical Engineering

Facility Audits

Power Quality and Safety

A power quality site audit with Interstates Engineering can be the start of your path to lower electrical bills and maximum plant efficiency.

It could also be the start of improving the safety of your facility, identifying and correcting potential for arc flash incidents.

The results of an electrical site audit will provide your plant electricians with detailed documentation and has potential to reduce your insurance premiums.

And it all starts with a simple Electrical Site Audit.

Site Audit

The information you gain from an electrical site audit will be the basis by which you make decisions and changes to maximize your facility’s performance and power quality. 

Electrical Site Audits are customized to meet your needs and goals. An Electrical Site Audit typically includes:

  • Employee and management interviews to understand your facilities and systems
  • On-site inspections of your electrical system and power quality
  • A review of your current operating and safety practices
  • A complete report documenting your electrical system’s safety, reliability, flexibility for expansion, and improvement opportunities


Whether you are planning a new facility, expanding, or focusing on plant upgrades, an Electrical Site Audit by Interstates Engineering is your first step toward identifying electrical improvements that impact your bottom line.

Combine Interstates’ expertise with the experience of your plant personnel to make your facility operate more efficiently, safely, and reliably.


Pre-Project Planning

  • Expansion
  • Retrofits
  • Greenfield

Operating Cost Assessment

  • Lighting Efficiency
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Utility Rate Reduction
  • Energy Savings

Plant Documentation - Electrical, Instrumentation and Control System

  • "As-Built" Drawings
  • System Databases
  • Equipment Labeling

Power System Studies

  • Short Circuit
  • Coordination
  • Arc Flash
  • Load Flow
  • Power Quality - Harmonics
  • On-Site Measurements

Electrical Safety Reviews

  • NEC
  • NESC
  • OSHA
  • NFPA
  • Hazardous Areas

Additional Audit Services

  • Equipment Testing
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Energy Tax Survey
  • Thermal Imaging