Electrical Engineering

Field Engineering

Leverage Field Engineers on Your Project

When a Field Engineer is used on the job site, productivity increases. Craft professionals have quicker response time with questions, spending less of their time troubleshooting.

In addition, the risk is reduced on technically complex projects when a professional field engineer is on site at all times.

Interstates offers Field Engineering services that ultimately make your project run more smoothly. A field engineer provides a single point of contact right at the job site for all of your design-related questions.

A Single Point of Contact

The Field Engineer works as a liaison between Interstates Engineering, the facility owner, and the general contractor.

One of the many ways that a Field Engineer can help improve your project quality is through reviewing equipment as it arrives on site to ensure it meets all required specifications.

Field Engineers can also ensure that all materials are being installed according to design and specification along the way.

With a Field Engineer on site, questions can be answered more quickly and often times, in person. Also, any necessary design changes can be made on the fly.


Field Engineering services include:

  • Project Planning and Design
  • Single Point of Contact for specialty contractors and suppliers
  • Equipment Setup – create and verify coordination settings, soft starts, etc.
  • Quality Assurance as equipment is received and installed
  • Troubleshooting at startup
  • Maintain Redlines
  • Collect and Ensure O&M manuals are completed and organized
  • And more…