Electrical Engineering

Control System Design

Providing Control Systems Engineering Solutions

Control Systems Engineering is not simply an afterthought at Interstates. Our team of dedicated engineers and drafters deeply understand the workings of a control system.

We have the ability to automate all your equipment, collect data from your operations, provide reporting of that data, and develop interfaces with your business system to give you real-time tracking and control.

Product design is a very important part of the research and development initiative at Interstates.

We place a high degree of emphasis on R&D so that the technologies and control systems we develop are meeting the needs of clients and helping them be successful in their business.

Our systems analysts, control engineers, technicians, and project managers work together with our clients to determine the most innovative and cost effective control solution for your plant.

Saving Time & Money

Our control systems engineering team reviews each piece of equipment information to prevent unexpected problems during your check-out process.

We review equipment specifications to ensure their ability to fit into our system, as well as integrating pieces so they work well together.

Our Engineers are hands-on, going onsite to perform checkout services along with the programmers and process experts.

We provide an entire support system for checkout, commissioning, and startup of your facility.


Interstates delivers value through our control systems drawings packages. These drawings are linked electronically to keep the information current, prevent repetition of data, and avoid entry errors.

A drawing package could include the following documents:

  • Electrical Equipment Database
  • Process Instrumentation and Motor Control Loop Diagrams
  • Control System Architecture Drawings
  • Control Panel and Motor Starter Panel Layouts and Fabrication Drawings
  • Control Panel Wiring Diagrams