Electrical Construction


We are fortunate to have talented workforce members willing to move to accommodate specific jobs.

Our teams enjoy the variety of work, experiencing different areas of the country and the satisfaction of successfully completing projects for clients.

Great People, Great Training

At Interstates, we understand that it is not our company that builds projects and provides services, it is our people. To remain a premier provider, we invest heavily in the training of our team.

  • Federal Department of Labor—Bureau of Apprenticeship Training
    Our apprenticeship training curriculum is based on the NCCER Wheels of Learning with Project Site based review classes and skill checkoffs.

    By offering our apprentices training on site, traveling employees have a consistent apprenticeship experience.

  • Leadership Training
    To achieve our unique vision, we understand and promote the value of leadership throughout our company.

    We invest in building this skill set through a number of tailored leadership education opportunities on subjects like coaching and mentoring, servant leadership, and empowerment.

    For the craft professionals, NCCER’s Project Management curriculum is used and supplemented with additional topics to develop leaders.

  • Code & Technical Training
    Interstates prides itself on having strong technical skills available on the site. We provide the code education needed for license renewals as well as other advanced technical training.
  • The Learning Organization
    Aside from formal training, the Interstates team builds organizational and individual knowledge by focusing on lessons learned at specific points in the project.

    These are leveraged organization-wide to build our people.