Electrical Construction


We're Not Your 'Typical' Contractor

A typical contractor touches material an average of seven times before it is installed. Interstates is not your typical contractor - our goal is 'one touch' installation.

Although we haven't reached this ideal 100% of the time, we have made significant strides in that direction. This effort saves many skilled craft manhours and benefits all our projects. We call the systems behind this effort Agile Procurement and Material Management.

A Continuous Improvement System

Interstates believes that, as a whole, the construction industry needs to be more productive. Implementing a lean/agile systems methodology is important. Interstates is in continuous pursuit to eliminate waste from our business.

The ultimate goal is to continually improve our standard processes to eliminate waste and adjust to ever changing site conditions.

The Value of Lean/Agile

Interstates LEAN and Agile will benefit your project by:

  • Requiring planning that allows us to adjust to changes as they arise.
  • Driving essential coordination with other trades early and often in the project.
  • Reducing the manpower required onsite (improving safety and coordination).
  • Improving overall quality and startup reliability.
  • Assuring projects are completed according to schedule.

Interstates Lean/Agile Systems Revealed

Interstates has implemented a number of LEAN/Agile tools in our journey to eliminate waste that reduces productivity. Our efforts to date have focused on:

Work Breakdown Structure - A computer planning and execution tool that guides our teams from planning to turnover.

Short Interval Planner - An integrated 3-week planner that brings men, material, information and equipment together for execution.

Short Interval Schedule - An integrated 1-3 day detailed execution planner for 'workable backlog'.

Agile Procurement and Material Management

On Site Kaizen - Drives continuous and regular improvement in our execution by using the ideas of our crew members.

Value Stream Mapping - A LEAN tool used to access and optimize our processes both on the site and in the office.

Waste Observation - Simple but effective tools to observe work and identify waste. Documentation from this process is used by the team to evaluate the work flow to make improvements.

Interstates believes LEAN is a way of doing business that will never be complete. Look back here for our next effort to eliminate waste on your projects.