Electrical Construction

Heat Trace

Customized for Your Plant's Requirements

It's a cold January night and the wind is blowing 20 mph. Where are your plant operators? They are steaming out a line. Well, at least it didn’t rupture like the line did last year. Everyone involved with a processing plants’ operations or maintenance has heard the horror stories of failed heat trace or even experienced one of their own.

Interstates designs integrated heat trace systems customized to your plant’s requirements. A heat trace system engineered, installed, and controlled optimally can reduce installed costs, operating costs, and even eliminate the headaches traditionally associated with heat trace.

Heat Trace the Just Works

The Interstates team is skilled at consulting with you to help identify specific needs for your heat trace system. We can develop heating solutions for:

  • Piping and Valves
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Equipment

An annual audit of your heat trace system can provide peace of mind – you know it works. Interstates will stand behind our work for the entire heat trace system, not just a specific part or component. When heat trace doesn’t work due to physical damage, our 24-hour service technicians can quickly locate the broken trace and repair it.