Electrical Construction

Electrical Prefabrication

An Innovative Approach

Interstates offers electrical prefabrication as part of our complete electrical service solution or as a stand alone service.

Interstates skillfully evaluates each project looking for the most cost effective way to build the project. We believe that large amounts of prefabrication will benefit multiple aspects of the project, and should be pursued aggressively. Our internal project delivery process drives that pursuit early in the project.

Coupled with our aggressive pre-job planning methods, significant labor can be accomplished in the shop and away from the site. This compresses schedules, reduces the number of craftsmen on your jobsite, and reduces accident risk for all stakeholders.

Benefits of Prefabrication

  • Safety
    Prefabrication removes a significant portion of the manhours from the jobsite to a controlled shop environment. During prefabrication, crews aren’t working on elevated platforms, they don’t work around dangerous operating equipment, and they experience less exposure to other potentially hazardous situations that are difficult to avoid on jobsites.
  • Time Savings/Schedule Advantages
    With key components assembled off-site, the amount of time spent on a project can be reduced from weeks to days. Project schedules can be accelerated as prefabrication can be built in the shop parallel to field work and before electrical work would even be possible. With so much work taking place in a controlled environment, weather delays can also be minimized.
  • Planning
    The decision to pursue prefabrication sets a more aggressive planning requirement on the project. This benefits your project by forcing coordination to happen earlier and a 'shakedown' of project information to occur when it can benefit all trades. Loose ends are wrapped up when they are least expensive to solve, and away from expensive 'out in the field' fixes.
  • Reduced Labor Cost
    Using manufacturing methods, special tooling, shop environment and production (LEAN) methodoligies, labor savings are achieved. 
  • Quality
    You can expect fewer errors from products built in a controlled environment and with consistent methods including formal QA/QC. Prefabrication also allows for pretesting of components before installation if needed or desired.
  • Increased Field Productivity
    Prefabrication maximizes the productivity of on site manpower. More work installed in the field per craft is the key to success for all project stakeholders. Prefabrication enables significant productivity gains that benefit your whole job.