Electrical Construction

3D & BIM

Committed to Leveraging 3D Technology

Interstates is committed to leveraging 3D technology for electric room design when it will clearly add value to a project.

This commitment stands even when the owner does not request that we use the technology because we believe the 3D allows for improved planning and increases owner engagement in the design and construction process.

3D modeling is a valuable tool to visualize the finished project and works to uncover clash detection during planning and execution of a project.

Benefits of scanning and 3D modeling produce a cumulative effect:

  • Completing a scan of a facility allows for conversion to 3D imaging.
  • 3D imaging allows visualization and more effective use of prefabrication.
  • Visualization leads to owner acceptance.
  • Prefabrication keeps onsite crews smaller, is less costly, and requires less installation time onsite.
  • Finally, once you have the scan and the initial 3D design, it is available for subsequent projects.

Look to Interstates to provide 3D CAD Services to significantly add to the success of your project.

Our Beliefs about 3D Technology

  • Promotes Early Customer Involvement & Visualization
    3D modeling promotes early customer involvement in design process, which in turn validates scope and installation details.

    This provides ownership in the final design and builds trust during the decision making process.

    Customers, designers, craft professionals, prefabricators and other project team members use the model to visualize the installation and provide relevant, educated input for the design and construction plan.

  • Better Layout Decisions for Hazardous Areas
    Using 3D modeling to pre-plan conduit racks, single conduit runs, and supports allows us to visualize and test multiple layouts to maximize safety in the area.
  • Early Planning Minimizes Rework and Reduces Waste
    Virtual construction allows us to catch mistakes or complications early and eliminate many of them before work begins on-site.

    Accurate design and documentation ensure that things are correct from the beginning. 3D Design and follow up with prefabricating materials reduces stress caused by unexpected problems and time crunches.

    Interstates can minimize materials needed on site as well as reduce waste associated with on-site fabrication.

  • Catalyst for Collaboration
    Identifying potential coordination problems early allows the team to collaborate with other contractors to find the best overall solution before it costs anybody field labor or rework dollars.