Electric Room Rx

Why Consider Electric Room Rx

There are a number of reasons why we think companies should evaluate their electrical system. But four rise to the top as being the most important. Safety. Compliance. Reliability. Capacity.


If your electrical system harbors serious safety issues, you could be sitting on the proverbial ticking time bomb. You put your employees at risk for injury, which comes at a cost ranging on a spectrum from minor injury to death.

It’s not a matter of IF something will happen, it’s a matter of WHEN. No one wants that.


Facilities built 30-40 years ago have 30-40 year old infrastructure that was built based on dated code rules and recommendations. It’s time to ensure you systems meet today’s compliance and safety standards for the sake of your employees and the clients who rely on you to meet demand. Employees and your customers trust that you are honoring your responsibility to follow OHSA and NFPA requirements for safety.

Electric Room Rx ensures that your electrical systems and equipment are properly designed, installed, operated and maintained in a safe and reliable manner.


The last thing you need as your facility is unplanned down time. How much time can you afford to spend fixing instead of producing? If you are not involved in the day to day activities of the plant, you might not even realize there are small problems. That’s because the small things are usually taken care of at the plant level and often go unnoticed until they become bigger problems.

You need peace of mind that the system you have will work as expected.

Before you know it, those small issues have resulted in thousands of dollars in repairs and lost productivity.


Can you see clearly into the future? What if a market opportunity presents itself, but your infrastructure holds you back from making a move? If your system is maxed out, or antiquated, your opportunities to quickly meet changing market demand are lost.

Be prepared to make your own success. The time is now… BEFORE you miss an opportunity.