Electric Room Rx

What is Electric Room Rx?

Find small problems before they become bigger problems

Think of it like this: You feel pretty good. You’re healthy. But you still get a regular checkup with your doctor because it’s good to know about little problems before they turn in to really big problems.

It’s like that for your electrical system too. Things are working fine today. But will they still be fine tomorrow? You could wait until something happens and address it then. But, that really just puts you at risk for larger hassels down the road.

Use the Process that's Unique to Interstates

Electric Room Rx is a process that is unique to Interstates. It’s used to evaluate the condition of your electrical infrastructure and provide recommendation for upgrading or replacing electrical equipment. The process includes diagnostic tools, evaluation of your system, a report of findings and conditions, and recommendation for improvements.

Electric Room Rx address four areas of concern for your facility:

  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Reliability
  • Capacity