Electric Room Rx

Is Electric Room Rx for You?

Could Electric Room Rx Help You?

How do you know if Electric Room Rx service could help you? Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How old is your oldest electric room?
  2. How sensitive to unplanned downtime is your facility or your process?
  3. Could you scale 25%-50% to meet increased demand?

1 - How old is your oldest electric room?

If it is over 30 years old, chances are that the equipment is no longer supported by the manufacturer and equipment failure would result in extended downtime.

2 - How Sensitive to Unplanned Downtime is Your Facility or Process?

If your electrical system is old and your process and business practices have no room for unplanned downtime, you are putting your company at risk for missing delivery, contract or financial obligations.

3 - Could you scale 25% - 50% to meet increased demand?

If you secured new demand for your product and needed to increase production by 25%-50%, could your electrical infrastructure accommodate that growth? If you do not have capacity to expand to meet market demands, then you are risking future income.