Control Systems

Hazard Monitoring & I-Patrol

Ensure Safety with Regular Hazard Monitoring

Regular hazard monitoring of equipment such as grain legs, pellet mill bearings and hammermill bearings, is the best way to detect bearing failures, belt misalignments, and belt slipping due to plugs. In fact NFPA 61 mandates monitoring for such hazardous situations.

Turn to Interstates as a single-source solution for evaluation, design, installation and integration of a hazard monitoring system with existing plant controls.

Interstates provides a vendor neutral sensor platform allowing you to choose what you feel to be the best sensors for your application.

The system provides accommodation for belt monitoring, bearing monitoring and belt speed monitoring.

I-Patrol Hazard Monitoring System Features

With I-PATROL you have easy access to real-time monitoring information.

Interstates I-PATROL hazard monitoring system provides:

  • Alarm monitoring.
  • Automation that triggers equipment shutdown based on configurable setpoints.
  • Sensor diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.
  • Customizable configuration and settings.
  • Trending reports for sensor temperatures and belt speed.

Interstates provides design, installation, and service for hazard monitoring systems.

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