Electrical Engineering

Interstates' electrical engineers deliver technical solutions for industrial processing facilities. Each engineer has been trained both in-house and in the field so that you can count on practical, constructible design.

Our engineers organize and analyze project data and coordinate the needs of the project team in order for all team members to be productive.

Electrical Construction

Interstates Construction provides electrical construction services that range from planning and prefabrication to installation and startup.

Your project’s success begins with the skillful planning and innovation of expert commercial electrical contractors long before the first spade of dirt is turned.

On every job, Interstates is committed to safety, quality and productivity.

Control Systems

Interstates Control Systems provides a team of dedicated engineers, drafters, and commercial electrical contractors who deeply understand the workings of a control system.

Our team members automate equipment, collect data, provide reporting and interface with your existing business systems in order for your facility to run most efficiently.

Information & Technology

Interstates offers a variety of Manufacturing Intelligence products and services to help you make the most of your manufacturing investment.

The use of technology to tie control systems to business systems allows access to real-time information needed to keep your processes running smoothly and most efficiently.


Interstates Instrumentation provides design and onsite services focusing on industrial instrumentation for processing facilities.

From design and procurement to installation and startup, the commercial electrical contractors at Interstates Instrumentation deliver projects tailored to our clients’ needs.


Interstates' commercial electrical contractors offer electrical prefabrication as part of a complete electrical service solution.

By planning ahead and building the panels offsite as much as possible, Interstates reduces the site footprint while increasing safety, productivity, and efficiency.