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What We Do

From electrical wiring diagrams to ongoing support for control systems and plant floor operations, Interstates offers in-house, single source electrical engineering, electrical construction, instrumentation and control systems services.

We combine the strengths of all our teams with our processing industry expertise to develop the best solutions for your project needs.


Whether your project is large or small, or requires one of our services or several, we are at your service.

You will find Services within their respective area.

Services - Needs We Meet

Looking for ways that Interstates can help you based on your role in your facility?

Then start within Services-Needs We Meet.

Services - How We Work

If you are thinking about a specific type of project, such as new construction and electrical wiring diagrams or facility upgrades, and want to know how Interstates can help, then Services-How We Work is a great place to start.

Every Step of the Way

From the planning table to the plant floor, Interstates is with you every step of the way.

We will assist with preliminary budgeting and help develop cost effective designs and electrical wiring diagrams, setting the stage for a quick and efficient startup.