Prove It

Data, an Untapped and Underutilitzed Resource

Data can easily be mined and stored, but it?s in the curation of data where value truly lies.

Productivity - Collaborative 3D Planning

By attacking challenges collaboratively, with different tools and a mindset that questions the conventional, Interstates can provide the ingenuity to make your project a success. Let us bring our ideas to your next challenge.

Modular Assembly Eases Site Constraints

When Floyd River Valley Grain in Hinton, IA needed to expand their load out facilities to accommodate unit trains, the project required a large amount of conduit and conveyor work to be installed over an active rail line.

The Power of Integrated Project Delivery

A client's greenfield oilseed project presented a challenging site layout, hazardous area classification, and budget constraints. They were counting on Interstates to meet these challenges.

Quality - Proof You can See and Use

Visually inspecting an electrical system only provides a small level of assurance that the system is functioning well. To fully evaluate an electrical system requires special equipment and expertise.

Productivity - The Advantage of a Premier Workforce

With many project delivery formats available and the urgency to get a project started, retaining a contractor on an hourly basis before a fixed price can be established may be an option for you to consider.