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Project Delivery

On the Job - Off Site

Oil Mill Gazetteer - As Appeared in the November, 2005 Issue

Honoring a customer's special request recently led Interstates Control Systems, Inc. (ICSI) to consider adding a new wrinkle to the way they manage an automation system start-up - by providing off-site support during portions of the start-up.

Detailed Coordination Effort: Fertile Ground for Innovation in Design-Build?

Design-Build DATELINE - As Appeared in the October, 2005 Issue

Design-build provides fertile ground for this important effort. Doing it well can help our clients get better projects, more innovative projects, faster projects, and, by improving productivity, more cost effective projects.

Four Keys to Finishing On Time and Under Budget

Published in the June 1, 2005 issue of EC&M

The phrases "on time" and "under budget" are often used in discussions of project delivery, but how often can they actually be used to describe a project?

Picking the Right Control System for Your Industrial Facility

Published in the May 1, 2005 issue of EC&M

Choosing the best solution requires a basic understanding of the differences between these two systems and an awareness of the latest developments that will affect the future of industrial automation.

The Numbers Are In

Whether you deliver your projects within a design-build format or use a variety of project delivery methods, a study by the Construction Industry Institute brings some evidence to the 'best' project delivery debate.

How to Overcome the Paradox of Subcontracting an Integrated Project

Design-Build DATELINE - As Appeared in the December, 2004 Issue

As design-builders, we at DBIA are a group of committed practitioners passionate about offering options to our clients and bringing more value to their projects. Yet we struggle when it comes to delivering a truly integrated project delivery process.

Eight Design-Build Principles for Controlling Plant Electric Costs

Feed and Grain - As Appeared in the January, 2004 Issue

Design-build is a project delivery method focused on meeting the clients' project needs. An integrated design-build approach ties these disciplines together, focusing on optimizing your overall project.

Design-Build to Optimize a Project

As seen in InTech

Why design-build? Easy, because this project delivery method is focused on meeting the end user's project needs - which is good for the integrator and the end user.

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