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Energy & Operating Cost Savings

Oil Containment for Transformers

Whether or not to use oil containment for your transformers depends on many items: NEC rules, insurance policy requirements and lost production profits.

Utilizing Prefab May Improve Quality & Lower Cost of Products

As Appeared in Feedstuffs - March 2005

Interstates Companies, an electrical engineering and construction, automation and instrumentation company, has made prefabrication an important part of its approach to projects.

Taking the BUS

As Appeared in World Grain - September 2004

Like so many technologies, fieldbus control systems promise potentially important advantages in lower costs, ease of installation, improved diagnostics and more.

Co-Generation 101 - Key Points to Consider

Ethanol Producer Magazine - As Appeared in the May 2004 Issue

On-site power generation can reduce electrical and steam costs, increase the reliability and availability of energy and protect the environment by saving energy and minimizing pollution. Read more to see if cogeneration is right for you.

First Cost is Not Always the Best Cost

Interstates' Current Connections Newsletter - Spring 2004

Electrical equipment usually is marketed and purchased based on its initial cost, or first cost. However, increasing volatility of the electric utility industry and other factors can affect the life cycle costs of your equipment.

The Financial Impact of Motor Selection

As Appeared in Ethanol Producer Magazine - January 2004

The annual energy cost of running a motor is many times greater than its initial purchase price. In terms of budget items within your control, motor selection is perhaps the most obvious way to cut costs at a processing plant.

How VFDs Minimize Electrical Operating Costs

Interstates' Current Connections Newsletter - Fall 2003

Variable torque loads are candidates for energy saving VFD applications. The US Dept. of Energy reports that average pumping systems operate below 40% efficiency. If this is true for your facility, you can reduce your energy bill.

Maintenance on the Offense

Excerpted with permission from AB Journal - September 2003

One of the most spectaclar changes of the industrial sector involves maintenance. A move to highly productive processes and technologies has produced a science of predictive and reliability-centered maintenance.

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