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Energy & Operating Cost Savings

How Much is Downtime Costing You?

InTech - As Appeared in the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue

Downtime costs every factory at least 5% of it productive capacity and many lose up toe 20%. Not knowing your total downtime cost compounds itself when you set priorities on capital investments.

Wireless Instrumentation: A Comparison in Project Execution

Oil Mill Gazetteer - as appeared in the March 2011 issue

In hazardous areas, wireless has a clear benefit: safety. When instrumentation is to be installed in hazardous locations such as those found in oil seed processing facilities, wireless implementations can reduce the installation risks.

Benefits of a Utility Management System

Ethanol Producer Magazine - As Appeared in the March 2011 Issue

An industrial processing facility holds opportunity for energy savings. The US Dept of Energy's Industrial Technolgies Program has recorded many cases of 20% energy savings. A logical place to start is with a utility metering and monitoring system.

Don't Fear the Audit: An Electrical Checkup Might Uncover Opportunities

As Appeared Online at PlantServices.com

Most people cringe when they hear the word 'audit' because it is associated with fault and problems. Audits are a necessary tool for you to assess plant operations, worker safety, and plant documentation.

Packaging Overfill Costs - Case Study

Packaging overfilling is a strategy commonly used to adhere to strict regulatory requirements requiring labeling to 'accurately reflect the actual contents of the package'. Minimizing excess product can translate into material cost savings.

Fluorescents Help Maximize Facility's Electrical Investment

As Appeared in Feedstuffs

Would you believe that new applications for an old product could save you thousands of dollars on electric utility bills? Flourescent lighting is staging a comeback, and advances in technolgy could make them a cost-saving option for facilities.

Lower Electrical Costs Possible

Feedstuffs Magazine

A number of options are available to minimize electricity costs, i.e., building a substation, monitoring power usage, installing capacitors or consuming most electrical energy during off-peak hours.

How Much Does Downtime Really Cost?

As Appeared in InTech - January 2006

Downtime is a nasty term and subject of many staff meetings, reports and continuous improvement programs. You would think that something so important would have a clear set of definitions and calculation methods. Is downtime a case for worry?

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