Capital Projects

Fast-Track Project Demands Labor-Saving Methods

EC&M Magazine - As Appeared in the September 2013 Issue

Time saving field techniques paired with prefabrication help in delivering fast-track project.

Integrated Project Delivery Profile: Green Field Oil Seed Processing Facility

Consulting-Specifying Engineer - As Appeared in the Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

Integrated Project Delivery creates value for owner

Sand Processing Plant Doubles Production

EC&M - As Appeared in the January 2013 Issue

Control system & electrical system updates enable increased production

Breathe New Life Into Your Facility

Control - As Seen in the October 2012 issue

Break the band-aid habit. Fix your system right the first time.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

EC&M - As appeared in the May 2011 issue

The pros and cons of using underground and 'in-the-slip' conduit

Guidelines for Making Good Capital Decisions

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Capital decisions impact your company's financial success. Elevate your performance.

Pre-Project Planning Done Right

Ethanol Producer Magazine

What if you could save up to 20% on project costs and 39% of your schedule by committing to better pre-project planning? The fundamental principle behind all pre-project planning is that early decisions - both good and bad - have a cascading effect.

Reduce Taxes and Improve Cash Flows

Interstates' Current Connections Newsletter - Winter 2004

If you have or are planning to build a new facility, remodel a current facility, or buy an existing facility, applying the cost segregation technique can dramatically increase your cash flow by accelerating your depreciation expense.