Working with the Utility

Reducing Your Electric Bill: Part 2

The electrical current that does useful work is Active current. Reactive current creates magnetism needed to turn motors so it can't be eliminated. However, you can work to create a better ratio of current, or power factor.

Reducing Your Electric Bill: Part 1

There are a variety of things you can do right now to take control of your electricl bill. Here are five things you can do now to save.

Reducing Utility Costs: Utility Relationships

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Even though your utility claims your rate structure is "set in stone," be innovative and investigate ways to reduce costs within your rate structure; work with your utility to understand how you can more readily serve them.

Reducing Utility Costs: On-Site Generation

As Appeared in Feedstuffs - March 6, 2006

Electricity is usually one of the largest financial burdens faced by plant managers. Fortunately there are options available to minimize these costs or even generate profits.

Reducing Utility Costs: Deregulation

As Appeard in Feedstuffs - March 6, 2006

In most states, deregulation of the utility industry allows you to choose your power provider and the voltage level at which you purchase power. Both of these options provide opportunity to reduce operating costs.