Prove It

Quality - Proof You can See and Use

February 1, 2005

How can the quality of an electrical system be proven? This is a question for our clients and our industry. It is too dangerous to touch or even visually inspect many key electrical components. They are protected in enclosures, hidden in walls, buried underground, or concealed in protective raceways.

To add to the challenge, visually inspecting an electrical system only provides a small level of assurance that the system is functioning well. To fully evaluate an electrical system requires special equipment and expertise.

Quality Electrical System
The quality and reliability of plant electrical systems are key elements in avoiding expensive plant downtime and lost profits. There are significant dollars in plant production at stake.

Just assuming that your electrical system is "all right" can be a high risk decision in itself. In many cases, a plant's downtime costs can easily exceed the value of the original electrical contract.

Interstates believes strongly that a quality electrical system can reduce plant downtime and help our customers succeed at their business.

Understanding the Balance
Interstates understands the delicate balance of negotiating the best up-front construction price on electrical installation while making sure that saving 1% on contract day doesn't cost the client 100 times that in plant downtime after construction is complete. Obviously, planned maintenance, testing, and inspection all play a large role in minimizing the risk and cost of downtime.

As part of Interstates' post job quality evaluation, our testing and inspection division examined two recently completed, large, industrial projects. The combined capital value of the two projects was approximately $90 million, which included over $10 million of electrical construction. This included all the equipment and wiring to operate 525 motors and 1300 control devices.

By utilizing the skills and equipment from our preventative maintenance, testing and inspection division, thermos can audits were used to evaluate the plants after they had operated for sometime.

As a result of the inspections not a single Interstates problem was identified. However, two OEM problems were located and corrected before causing plant downtime. Both clients appreciated knowing the condition of their electrical system in a definitive way and the added peace of mind that the inspections provided.

Proving project quality has always been a challenge for our industry. This challenge is compounded by every project being "one of a kind". At Interstates, we take this challenge, and the potential impact to our clients, very seriously. We have invested in the tools and systems to ensure quality. Our recent inspections prove that these systems are working.

Is your electrical service provider proving their quality? Anybody can say they do quality work, we intend to prove it. At Interstates, we understand the critical nature of constructing an electrical system correctly, the first time. Let us bring "Prove-it" quality to your challenging project!

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