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Modular Assembly Eases Site Constraints

January 1, 2006

Floyd River Valley Grain in Hinton, Iowa needed to expand their load out facilities to accommodate unit trains. The project required a large amount of conduit and conveyor work to be installed over an active rail line.

This work over and around the railway created the single largest challenge on the project and became the focus of pre-job planning.

Other significant constraints included railway safety clearances, challenging work schedules, and the winter conditions.


After assessing these challenges, the Interstates Team presented an option to reduce the impact of these site constraints. By developing an alternate to the conventional vertical conduit installation technique involving cable man lifts or high boom lifts, the structural rack was commissioned horizontally on the ground.

The work was completed adjacent to the site and on the ground allowing a safer and more productive environment. Working in other areas of the site allowed other trades better access to the limited workspace. The final conduit installation simply required the hoisting of the loaded rack and a single day of elevated work to fasten it to the structure.

The Result

A more productive, safer, and higher quality installation that minimized disruption and risk for the railway and the client's existing facility.

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  • The interruption to the owner/user was reduced by 20%.
  • Elevated work (higher risk) was reduced 80%.
  • The conduit on the rack was installed in 15% fewer man-hours than would have been required with a conventional vertical installation.

More Information

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