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Current Connections

“Current Connections” is a quarterly newsletter showcasing people, projects, features, and innovations that make Interstates stand out from the crowd.

2015 - fall Issue

Leader Message - A Leader's Focus

Overcoming Barriers to Reach New Potential

Recent Arc Flash Updates to NFPA 70E & the NEC

Flexible Designs

The Ripple Effect of Generosity

Understanding Others and Understanding Yourself

2015 - summer Issue

Leader Message - John A. Franken Memorial Letter

Better Together

Electric Room Rx: One Pill at a Time

Replacing Instinct with Data Analytics to Improve Production

Riding the Forefront of Technology

A Fresh Perspective Matters

2015 - spring Issue

Leader Message - Opportunity with the IIoT

Big Oilseed Processing

Coordinated for Uptime

Knowledge Base Creates Strong Foundation

Interstates Embedded Maintenance

A Leader's Vision

2015 - winter Issue

Leader Message - It Takes a Team!

Not Your REGular Client

Electrical Distribution Grounding: A Reference Point for System Operation

Industrial Network Topology

You Should Demand PreFab on Capital Projects

The Best Made Plans...The Value of Strategic Planning in a World with Constant Change

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