2012 – summer Issue

Leader Message - From Uncomfortable to Opportunity

During a recent planning and strategy work session, we pushed leaders into doing things that were "uncomfortable". Things like asking them to come up with an idea in a ridiculously short time or quickly "inventing" something with Playdoh. You get the idea. Of course we mixed these activities with traditional, nose-to-the-grindstone hard work.

Feedback after the event was insightful. They admitted being uncomfortable and some questioned if we should be spending our time "with Playdoh".

When the group met again the following week, I asked everyone what they thought it would take to reach our goal and truly be the "Best in the Business". The leaders admitted that it would require being "uncomfortable". I asked them to think about their own lives and careers to identify the triggers of their biggest growth and change. Indeed, those changes came in the "ah ha!" moments and times of being most "uncomfortable".

Our assessment is this:

  • The world quickly brings change that makes us "uncomfortable".
  • The opportunity to make a difference and be great is all around us.
  • We simply need to recognize being "uncomfortable" as that opportunity.

Let's all make a point of getting "uncomfortable" more often.