2012 – spring Issue

New Support & Quality Assurance Team

Interstates Companies is pleased to announce the restructuring of its Control Systems Support team to include project quality assurance for internal project teams along with additional client facing services. This newly focused group is being led by Blair Harp, Automation Support & Quality Assurance Manager.

The Automation Support & Quality Assurance Team will conduct project design reviews, software testing, and monitor the quality of automation projects as they are released and installed. In addition, the team will continue to provide high quality technical support as well as newly developed service offerings for installed automation systems. "To continue to improve our client service, we must advance to this next step of offering specialized technical support," says Jeff Miller, Director of Automation Services. "Interstates Control Systems has built our reputation on client satisfaction and we are constantly working to improve our services to maintain those high standards. Services provided by this team position Interstates to more proactively meet client needs."

New support services provided through the Automation Support & Quality Assurance Team include scheduled error log checks, onsite or remote process optimization/tuning, preventative maintenance visits, and automation system audits. This team is also available for return trips to client sites after a few months of operating with a new automation system. This would allow clients to validate what is going well and redirect items that need adjustment. This service offers a great opportunity for facility plant managers and operators to make minor changes that will improve their process.

The Interstates Support & Quality Assurance Team can help you take advantage of planned downtime by creating and executing a "?punchlist' of feature enhancements or changes that you would like to see. The work can be completed either onsite or remotely, depending upon how complex the adjustments will be.

"This specialized team allows us to address the preventative needs of our customers through the use of our highly qualified support technicians," says Blair Harp, Automation Support & Quality Assurance Manager. "With this team structure, our support technicians can deepen relationships with customers by gaining a better understanding of their processes and provide clients with proactive solutions."

For more information, contact Interstates Control Systems Support & Quality Assurance Team at 712.722.1663