2012 – winter Issue

Design-Build Partnership Impacts Client Productivity

A collaborative relationship with a client in Fort Collins, CO has allowed Interstates to work alongside them and their general contractor, Brinkman Construction, in a design-build fashion for several years.

The client manufactures, among other things, inverters for solar panels. The photovoltaic solar equipment manufacturing industry faces extreme pressure from foreign manufacturing companies. This competitive environment requires that the client react quickly to market demands. They depend upon support from an electrical construction team who can help them adjust rapidly. Interstates Companies supports this client from our Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Fort Collins, CO.

In most situations, Interstates' work for the client is done in conjunction with Brinkman Construction and often includes collaboration from Interstates Construction and Interstates Engineering team members.

Recently, the client reallocated manufacturing resources within their business to accommodate changes in the solar manufacturing market. In doing so, they depended upon their design-build partners to provide engineering, design and budgetary pricing information to quickly make infrastructure accommodations to meet their new production and testing requirements.

Over the years, Interstates teams have been involved in many projects with the client including: - Upgrading electrical service and MCCs to allow for inverter testing - Installation and wiring of specialty equipment to test 380 volt products for sale in Europe - Installation of test bays capable of testing inverters at different voltages

"Interstates is able to quickly provide initial design information and budgetary numbers that enable us to successfully support our client's needs," says Eric Oberg, Superintendent, with Brinkman Construction. "We appreciate their design expertise and ability to execute projects. Interstates shares our sense of urgency and commitment."

"We value our relationship with Brinkman Construction," says Doug Coltharp, Rocky Mountain Regional Office Manager. "When Interstates can leverage our design-build expertise for clients in multiple areas such as engineering and construction services, the additional value significantly impacts the client's business situation. We are proud to be part of this team."

For more information regarding Interstates' design-build capabilities call 712.722.1662 or email.