2012 – winter Issue

Leader Message - A Good Week!

A group of Interstates leaders recently discussed whether we were really living our vision, Understanding Needs > Delivering Results. One way to evaluate the question is to listen to what preoccupies team members on any given day. With our discussion in mind, for one week, I intentionally listened at every opportunity to a cross-section of our company. Here are some things I heard:

  • At an in-house leadership class, an electrician described how he and his team are adapting to meet a client's tight and changing schedule.
  • A regional office leader shared how his team had just been successful in securing work for a new client by carefully aligning with the project's stringent safety criterion.
  • An engineer didn't have time to talk with me because a field project leader needed a design to be refocused for crews to stay productive.
  • A sales leader rearranged his personal calendar to be at a client's site for an important meeting.
  • An IT technician, describing our recent transition from LotusNotes to Outlook, was obviously focused on doing whatever it took to keep our team members productive.
  • A leader described how knowing his team members' personalities enabled him to assign them to projects to best meet individual client needs.

My observations confirmed that team members are living our vision and that their priorities are in the right place. It was a good week!

I'd encourage you to intentionally listen within your company. You may find that team members are right on target. You may reveal areas that need improvement. You could end up somewhere in the middle. Regardless, you will know. And that's where you start.

Here's to a good week!