2016 – fall Issue

A Powerful Service

InterFab is building a reputation, one skid at a time. The prefabrication business, started in 2003 and growing ever since, is increasingly busy with supplying temporary power solutions for a wide range of projects. The temp power skids made at InterFab provide power on jobsites or at plants in areas that are not serviced by normal power distribution. Whether it?s new construction or a fully operating plant being shut down for modifications, temp power skids are integral to getting work done safely, smoothly, and cost-effectively.

?Nothing happens without power. You need power to work,? says David Vander Tuin, Operations Manager at InterFab. The temp power skids, of which Interstates owns at least 80, have myriad benefits. The lights they power make the work environment safer. They enable the use of tools, computers, welding equipment, etc., before normal power distribution is available. Simply put, the skids are essential. ?It?s the first thing to arrive at a jobsite, and the last thing to leave,? says Vander Tuin.

The process of designing and building the temp power skids varies from job to job. ?Our goal is to get each skid designed and built around our customers? exact needs,? says Vander Tuin. The design team meets with the client to determine voltages, breakers, panel layouts, and to find out any other special needs they might be able to incorporate into the overall design. ?We handle design and engineering, material and gear procurement, and manufacturing,? says Vander Tuin. Each skid is then tested before being sent out to the customer.

There are a few different ways that temp power skids save time and money on projects. ?Our skids allow plants to maintain normal operations even if they need to have a period of abnormal power distribution,? says Vander Tuin. Reducing downtime is always a priority, as is safety. Recently, by incorporating more junction boxes into the skids, the InterFab team has reduced the need to access the interior of the electrical panels. This results in less exposure to energized parts and saves superintendents and foremen from having to stay late to access panels after hours. It also has side benefits such as quicker and easier cable routing and termination.

Building the skids is not without challenges. Determining a client?s true needs requires thorough and persistent communication, and timeframes can be tight when parts take weeks to arrive. ?It can be a scramble, but we are committed to finding the right vendors who can supply us with what we need, no matter the deadline,? says Vander Tuin. InterFab has access to all the major brands of electrical equipment. Interfab is also committed to saying yes and satisfying customers, no matter the complexity of the project. ?Our goal is to find the best, customized solution for each project. We can make a custom skid for almost any client,? says Vander Tuin, who adds that the temp power skids have been used on everything from local projects in Sioux Center to large, multi-year projects throughout the country.