2016 – summer Issue

Fueling Relationships

At Interstates, relationships matter. We don?t visit a client site once, do a job, and leave. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with the client. Interstates? people have to spend the time and offer experience in ways that help us trust each other. We need to emulate the type of relationship we have with the Little Sioux Corn Processors (LSCP) site in Marcus, Iowa.

For two years, Interstates has worked with LSCP on various projects. We have provided electrical engineering, electrical construction, automation, and instrumentation services on all areas of the plant. Our involvement started with their grains expansion project, but because of the growing relationship, that role expanded.

We listen to LSCP so we understand their business and what it needs. Their managers and people trust us. They value our input and expertise, and we care about them. LSCP comes to us when they plan future work. Our pre-planning team scanned the entire plant and built a 3D model for them. That model is important when LSCP plans future expansions. Interstates presented a plan to LSCP for building a new electric room and explained how the plan could help them. Little Sioux liked it so much that they asked us to build it, and we are currently building that new electric room.

LSCP wants their plant to run with maximum efficiency. Our engineering group has recently performed an Arc Flash study for the site in an effort to help identify potential areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. Also on the docket is an energy audit scheduled for later this month. We will assist a third-party group in performing an onsite objective audit of LSCP?s energy usage. With that information, we will continue to partner with their organization to identify enhancements to the facility.

Our connection with LSCP has no ?us vs them? mentality. Both sides? focus is on ?us?. They trust us to give good advice and perform quality work. We take the time to know their site and their crew ? all forty-five of them ? personally. Our work for LSCP is a straightforward time and materials pricing: no hedging, no wrangling, and all open book. If we tell them something needs doing, they know it needs to be done. If we see something in a plan that?s wrong, whether it?s changing a fixture layout to help maintenance guys or cutting out plans for unnecessary busy work, we take care of it. Our work with LSCP isn?t just looking for profit for Interstates. It?s about the relationship. It?s about thinking and acting in ways that build on the trust the team has for us.

The relationship we have with LSCP, like our relationships with many other customers, is something special. It can serve as a great model for client contractor interaction, and it is a textbook definition of what Interstates has in mind when we talk about trusting, long-term relationships with our clients.