2016 – winter Issue

Leader Message: Taking Chances

I?ve been making my way around industry events this fall and have heard a variety of speakers discussing the future. They routinely spin out what we can expect and what we need to be ready for. What I heard loud and clear is: Things will be different, and before we get used to them, they will change and be different again!

When I think about what Interstates will need in order to serve clients well in the future, I?m convinced it is about Agility ? being able to constantly adapt and be ready for what the world needs, right then. Relying on the ideas and methods of ten, five, or even two short years ago may be completely ineffective.

This creates a whole new perspective around risk taking for our industry. While I don?t anticipate the industry completely changing its risk tolerance, I do see that all the players will need to get much better at taking calculated risks on new and different methods. I also expect we will all need to grow our experimental pipeline in an attempt to get ahead of ?what is next.?

Interstates is already seeing much of this change in how we recruit our teams, work together, and communicate in the world today. I?m excited to see this all unfold. With the technology that is pushing us every day, the generational opportunity in the way Gen Y wants to collaborate, and the many areas in which our industry must improve, I believe the next decade will be a wild, transformational ride.

At Interstates, we are about doing it better?by doing it differently. It sure looks to us like we will have more opportunities than ever in the coming years. We look forward to bringing this passion and difference to one of your projects!