2016 – winter Issue

10 Reasons for Multi-site Projects vs. Separate Projects

Whether it?s 25 arc flash studies, 10 hazard monitoring projects, 15 electrical remediation projects, or 20 control system upgrades, more and more multi-site clients are choosing a multi-project program approach rather than bidding each of the projects to multiple bidders.

A number of our clients have noted the following benefits:

  1. Consistent, dependable pricing that facilitates effective budgeting.
  2. Speed of delivery: One team that really understands our needs is faster, little dead time between projects, and the last project is often completed 15-30% faster than the first.
  3. Quality and consistency improves with a dedicated delivery team.
  4. Improved relationships: clients know who they?ll be working with on each project.
  5. Clients? administrative workload and staffing is reduced.
  6. Lessons really are learned from one site to the next.
  7. Maintenance is consistent at each site.

Interstates project leaders prefer this approach as well. They shared these positive aspects of a program approach:

  1. Opportunity to add more value to each site--to continuously improve the results.
  2. Consistent, known workload and a standard approach increases efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Working with a dedicated team from one project to the next.

The next time you have a multi-site application, consider the benefits of approaching it as a program to maximize your electrical investment.

Give us a call. We'd be glad to share more of the benefits we are still learning about with this project delivery method.