Interstates Fall Career Fair Trip...Destination YOU!

September 24, 2012

Sioux Center, IA

Think about a trip you are planning to take a year from now. You have reviewed the map, set milestones, and determined your route. You make a checklist to ensure you don't forget one item for this trip. You also leave enough room for items that fall into the category of "just in case". Destination"¦.

This is exactly the way the Interstates Human Resource team plans for our 2012 Fall Career Fair Circuit.

We are planning a trip! Destination"¦YOU"¦ the talented college graduate who is wired to deliver! We start planning for you a year in advance. We set our milestones by asking questions like, "Where are we going to find you?" or "What Colleges do we visit to find passionate engineers, programmers, instrumentation techs, and electricians?" We leave room in our schedule for very important "just in case" items, the personal interactions where we have an opportunity to step into your classroom and provide you a glimpse into what it is like to be a part of the Interstates Family.

Interstates has been planning the 2012 Fall Career Fair Circuit trip with YOU in mind! Look for us at one of our Fall 2012 Career Fair Circuit stops!

  • Colorado State University - 9/25/12
  • South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - 9/25/12
  • University of Cincinnati - 9/27/12
  • Dordt College - October 2012
  • Northwestern College - October 2012
  • Northwest Community College - October 2012
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln - 10/2/12
  • South Dakota State University Classroom Presentation - 10/15/12
  • South Dakota State University Career Fair - 10/16/12
  • South Dakota State University Interview Day - 10/17/12
  • Iowa State University Engineering Club - November 2012
  • Interstates College Open House - 11/2/12
  • Northeast Community College - December 2012

Interstates is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides a drug free work environment.