STEP Platinum

Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.

Interstates Companies has earned the STEP Platinum designation from Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC). This is among the highest safety designations awarded by the association. The Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) awards are granted annually by ABC’s National organization based on submitted applications.

STEP Platinum recognizes not just outstanding safety performance for a single year, but a company’s overall commitment to safety over a three-year period as well as the underlying program strengths needed to maintain the EMR and incident requirements. Achieving STEP Platinum is not an easy feat—many companies with exceptional safety records do not meet the stringent qualifying criteria. Companies who do achieve STEP Platinum status have demonstrated that their safety performance truly ranks as the very best in the construction industry.

STEP awards are based on 20 key elements of a contractor’s safety program that includes safety policies, employee commitment and training, management commitment and budgeting. Using industry measurement benchmarks—incidence rate and Experience Modification Rate (EMR, or “mod factor”)—STEP Platinum examines a company’s long-term safety performance and recognizes exceptional commitment to a safe workplace.

STEP Platinum requires that companies maintain a maximum incidence rate that is 25% BELOW their Bureau of Labor Statistics’ North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code average for each of the previous three years. Applicants must also maintain an EMR of 0.800 or below.